Posted on Aug 9, 2019

Glass Fencing Sydney - Frameless / Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Panels, Installation and Supply

The 9-step guide to installing a frameless glass pool fence
Thanks to our 9-step handy guide, now you never have to wonder how to install a frameless glass pool fence.
Step 1: Find out your local building regulations.
Step 2: Earmark fence post positions on your deck using nails and a string line.
Step 3: Line your mini posts along the string line.
Step 4: Drill holes and install the mini-posts and screw them into place.
Step 5: Insert the metal plates in the mini posts where the glass panels will sit.
Step 6: Insert the rubber grips inside the mini-posts, and you’re ready to start inserting glass panels.
Step 7: Keep adding your glass panels and checking them with a spirit level to make sure that they are level. Secure each panel using the Allen key and the packers that came in the installation kit as you go.
Step 8: Install the gate hinges and the gate panel with the help of a colleague. Place wooden blocks underneath the door as you secure it to the hinges.
Step 9: Insert the door latch and fix it. Once that’s done, cover the hinges with the respective caps.
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